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Thank you for your interest in the ITT Technical Institute Virtual Library. 

  • If you are an alumni of ITT Technical Institute (completed an ITT Tech program and graduated), please complete the form below to request a Virtual Library account. 
  • If you are a current student, please access the Virtual Library by logging into the ITT Tech Student Portal using your network login.  Do not complete the form below.  If you need help with login or a password reset, please contact the campus Systems Support Technician.  Online students should call the Student Support Coordinators 1-877-456-7134.   
  • Virtual Library Alumni accounts: we will assign a user name and ask you to create and supply a desired password.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters, include at least one capital letter, include at least one number, and at least one lower case character.  Please be sure to write down the password you select as you will need it each time you wish to login.

    • If you do not recall your 8-digit student identification number, you can obtain it from the campus Registrar. 

    Once your library account is created, we will send a confirmation and supply your user name and password to you via e-mail.  Please be sure to retain your library user name and password in a safe place.

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